Mae Claudette Costan

Mae Claudette Costan is an artist, photographer and student at the University of the Philippines, with an eye for minimalist, surreal and abstract art. She has worked as an editor and contributor to publications such as Of Forests and Clocks and Dreams and the Aquarian. Recently, she started working as a freelance writer, and Social Media Manager at Inspiritus Press. […]


Katie Wyatt

2015 Emerge Media Award and 2014 Portfolio of the Year Winner, Katie Wyatt, is a photographer with a vast vision for beauty, fashion and glamour portrayed through her impressionistic dark fantasy styles and interpretations. She often explores themes of a higher consciousness and awareness of the human condition, taking her audience along on a deeper journey into the self. Each […]



TAKATSU is a poet, novelist, multimedia artist, designer, speaker, and a featured Wattpad Star of 20,000 readers from Toronto. In 2008, through Secondhand Memories, he pioneered English cell phone novels, and his acclaimed magical realist novel, Espresso Love, that delves into Kafkaesque systems and spiritual transcendence, won a Watty’s Award and reached 1 million reads in 2014. He received the […]