Nikola Streker

Nikola Streker's first success at writing occurred during high school in his creative writing class. As part of the course curriculum, he wrote an article for Young People's Press website which ended up being one of only two from his school that was published online in 2004. He wrote another article which was also published online by Adbusters, a popular Canadian counter-culture magazine which recently gained notoriety for coming up with the Occupy Wall Street idea. Nikola went on to attend a short story workshop at Seneca College . His piece, "Summer Hill Dream", was chosen as one of the best that year and published in the annual anthology, Idle Hands: An Anthology of Short Fiction (Seneca@York, 2007, 978-0-9688182-8-2). In 2012, he released his first novel Decades, an existential enlightening search for the meaning of war, life and afterlife, as the narrator transcends space and time, and his second novel Naked Minds in 2014, portraying a psychadelic drugged, chaotic world of modern politics, terrorists, cultists and prophecies. Inspiritus Press is to publish and distribute the novels in new monumental form, as Nikola works on his next. The author works and lives in Toronto, Canada.