Our Work


Inspiritus Press is always seeking like-minded talent to partner with in creating new movements of thought and culture. We aspire to inspire. Our projects should always provide positive light to the world, open the window of perception, to encourage dreams and overcome difficulties. We are looking for art and literature that consciously challenges existing frames, norms and social standards, constructs and established systems, often turning against economy, politics, mainstream culture or trends. A good rule of thumb is if it’s something most people or many are already beginning to follow or believe, it likely isn’t something we are interested in. Our work may often bend genres, fuse art forms, use the most current technology and media, break traditions and conventions, and stand at the forefront of the new. “One must be absolutely modern,” as Rimbaud would say.


As a company, we aspire to be an organic community, collective and movement that promotes collaborations between artists and disciplines, including merchandise, public installation, performance and event, reflecting our ideas that all the arts are interconnected; throughout all history, art has influenced and has been influenced, and artists constantly draw from other artists and art. Everything informs and inspires one another, from the archetypal, the ancient and the mythic, the historic and the contemporary, audio or text or image. The artist naturally comes in with his or her own influences, background, culture, upbringing, education, perceptions and values that greatly affect the art. The artist is a lifetime learner, a sponge and aggregator, a mosaic, a palimpsest, a cosmos within, and the intertext or inter-art unleashed through innovation is priceless to us. We will take the art to new heights by working with the creator every step of the way and turn it into so much more.


In terms of genre, we are most interested in work that in a way corresponds to the avant garde, such as literary, magical realism, surrealism, psychedelic, speculative, apocalyptic, Dadaist, vorticism, satirical, parody, absurd, humorous, mythic, spiritual, existential, visionary, while grounded to reality in some way, if in the form of literature: literary fiction, novel, short story, travelogue, memoir, poetry, essay, script, fragments, aphorism. But we have no interest in limits or labels, we are not interested in genre work; we want to see art that transcends all categorization whether in form or matter. Art is whatever you can get away with.


Philosophically, we seek work that delves into the human condition, dilemmas, identity, our place in the world, and looks for something more beyond the material, physical, tangible and visible. Often, our art will criticize politics and capitalism, discuss discrimination and religion, debate history and civilization, explore theories and psychology. We believe everyone has different versions of reality and perception and therefore, we are quite interested in metaphysics and the interactions of different subjectivities. Even so, emotions and the matters of the heart is not the means to an end (though we do believe in capturing it), because to be human means so much more than following uncontrolled reactions to our situations or the whims of instinct and passion; the unlocked intellectual mind and the enlightenment of the inner soul, the visions of the subconscious and unconscious, and onward – there is so much more potential and complexity available for exploration and imagination. Our literature, for example, uses literary technique that weaves many layers and nuances together, with omission, abstraction, atmosphere, poetics, texture, symbol and more, to provoke readers to contemplation, meditation, thinking and revelation. We tackle the big questions, or reflect deep sentiment.

We are interested in life-changing, world-changing, perception-altering art and philosophy. We are Inspiritus.

Though it may sound long winded, confusing or intimidating, though it may be hard to put a finger on it and capture in words, we are passionate artists that believe in art and that in each person lies incredible potential and a spark of the most powerful insight, imagination, creation, cosmos, a spark of the divine. We don’t expect every artist to cover every aspect of the above. If you have an idea or work that you know is a little more heartfelt, more soulful, a little bigger or beyond the usual, you will likely find us interested. Feel free to submit your vision.