Stanford Cheung

Stanford Cheung is a poet and musician from Toronto. His debut collection of poems Structures from the Still (Akinoga 2018), was described by Marc di Saverio as “having a lyrical clarity and sage-like terseness that would make the Imagist Erza Pound himself, take full notice of this young and fully arrived poet.” Among his chapbooks authored include Any Seam or Needlework (Operating System, 2016), Kite Extension (words(on)pages) and We Could Be Anything (Crevasse Books, 2019). A Pushcart Prize nominee, Stanford’s work appears in anthologies and magazines such as Nomadic Journal, Tokyo Poetry Journal, Prompt Iowa, and the Asian Canadian Writers Workshop.

Fireworks by Stanford Cheung


  • Comfort Of Malice



    A multi-modal experience featuring Stanford’s profound impressionistic poetry and electrified signals, accompanied by abstract photography, attuned to an urban environment.