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The Latin word, Inspiritus, means “breathe” and contains the word for “spirit”: together, to breathe in and be filled with the spirit, which is what it means to be alive. It is also the root for the word inspiration and in the creative sense, to be filled with the Muses, to be filled with the gods or God. The logo represents a breath of air, a gust of wind, the winds of change, and a spirit, a force, that carves its way forward.

In the word is also our philosophy of community, “In Spirit, Us.”

We are a young Toronto-based student-run publisher dedicated to diverse communities, interdisciplinary collaborations, and a pursuit of metaphysics. We cultivate quality print publications, digital serializations, multimedia and multidimensional productions, upbeat innovative marketing strategies, collaborative platforms and large-scale community events. Our mandate is to envision the new age of publishing and art. We love to break boundaries, boldly.


Our Three:

– Metaphysics: Our content is unified in ideas – spirituality, quantum physics, psychology, dreamscape, and onwards. We challenge artists and writers to express whatever is beyond physical reality, human constructs, and the five senses.

– Interdisciplinary: We experiment with medium, art disciplines, and technology in our publications, events, and projects, and are interested in the intersections, interactions, and relations between forms.

– Community: We grow collaborative culture and open-platform communities no matter established, emerging, demographics, or affiliation, and seek to bring people together, empowering local, diverse, and international voices in innovative ways, wherever we go.

We want to break down silos and barriers to achieve these three visions.


What people are saying


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  • “This is a real and serious movement! Inspiritus has a seemingly perpetual source of energy for the production and dissemination of their titles, but also an intriguing and fascinating philosophical stance. Sometimes you’ll find a small press that has the same sort of practical commitment, but rarely…such a complete vision. I know I’m not alone in finding huge inspiration and something like relief in their efforts… this is what the future of publishing looks like. Oh, and so there is a future!”

    David Hull, author, and publisher of Dumagrad Books

  • “[Inspiritus Press is] all about inclusiveness and the inventiveness with which traditional ways of creating and communicating literature can merge with contemporary, often electronic ways. This conversation is exciting and valuable and can expand in ways we don’t yet know…for the literary community at large.”

    Patricia Keeney, York University English Professor, award-winning author, poet, and critic

  • “Inspiritus Press fights tooth-and-nail to promote their authors. Even with only a few titles under their belt, the organizers are out several times a week reading, speaking, and shaking hands – an infectious guerilla style marketing. If you’re looking for a publisher, you should seriously consider Inspiritus.”

    – Justin Lauzon, marketing coordinator for Word on the Street and founder of Lexical Canada

  • “[They] are not shy to proclaim that they are young, new, and partially students. Because of this, they make a bold statement…that high calibre creations…can be done by real people with young intelligent minds.”

    – Evan J Hoskins, host of Slackline Creative Arts Series, and Brick, a Literary Journal assistant

  • “New and refreshing … bringing student voices to the forefront…not only on campus but in the city and abroad – as some of the authors hail from outside Canada. They have brought together the authors of new poetry and then bridged the gap by being the editors, publishers and marketing team rolled into one. It is an inspiring effort and achievement.”

    Michael Legris, Marketing and Events Manager at York University Bookstore

  • “Inspiritus Press has somehow dropped into the publishing scene and become recognized within all the literary circles for their enthusiasm and professional book design. It usually takes presses many years and much outreach to achieve what Inspiritus has in such a short time.”

    – Evan J Hoskins, host of Slackline Creative Arts Series, and Brick, a Literary Journal assistant

  • “Courageous, committed, engaged, generous, inventive, ingenious, mischievous. They’re here, writing, dreaming, imagining, thinking, speaking out, reaching out. They’re giving us words, books, energy, creative fire–and we’re becoming their readers, receivers of the inspirations.”

    Bruce W. Powe, York University English Professor, award-winning poet and author

  • “There is a group of poets in their early twenties who run Inspiritus Press…who are going to do, and are already doing, important things for Canadian Literature, and probably beyond that. Watch out for them. They are going to conquer.”

    – Marc Di Saverio, acclaimed poet, author of Sanatorium Songs (Palimpsest), and Crito Di Volta (Biblioasis)