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By Dave Green

Dave Green's Personal is a book of raw, vivid, immediate and sometimes witty photos that will transport you to the road, the street, the tavern – and sometimes the motel room too. These photos are atmospheric with cracked concrete and the sizzle of streetlamps, but just as compelling are the people: caught in moments of contemplation or joy, with a directness and immediacy that shine on the page.

Personal is more than a collection of photographs: this is what a life feels like.

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This is a book of contrasts, the tension in the dialogue a whisper. Look here: youthful lust and yearning, women and lovers juxtaposed with landscapes busted and stripped down. Lust is a counterpoint to dilapidation. The tang of tungsten light in cavernous bars and then a street lamp, suddenly a votive light in a night sky over lovers like some crazy benediction. As if there was hope…

If there is a reckoning, it is on the road. The photographer/passenger, the night and a beautiful woman at the wheel; a motorcyclist with a life garbage-bagged and strapped to the saddle of his BSA, maybe in flight. A bleak stretch of road ahead, road the arbiter. Love goes but the road always stays. Road, the redeemer.

– from the introduction, by LP Farrell

128 pages with 102 plates, offset printed on 100# HannoArt Silk, plus personal notes by the photographer.

Content note: possibly NSFW, mild nudity.

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About the Author

Dave Green is a Toronto-based photographer. His personal documentary work has been shown in Toronto and Vancouver. Dave has been an instructor of photography at Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education and has taught photography to youth affected by violence. He has travelled extensively throughout Canada, the United States and Europe, often on a motorcycle, always with a camera.

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128 pages, 102 plates on 100# HannoArt Silk + 16 pages of notes




Print: 978-0-9937909-5-9

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November 12, 2016


Dave Green


Dumagrad Books


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